One of the most important considerations for maintaining overall health is a low waist circumference. Carrying excess weight in the middle is a predictor for a range of chronic health conditions as excess fat places a strain on many of the body’s organs.

Exercise plays an important part in healthy weight management. There are key steps in correctly prescribing exercise for clients with obesity to avoid injury. Synapse works with you to set sustainable changes that assist you to not only lose weight but keep it off! We also work closely with other health professionals to assist with dietary changes and recommendations.

Fatness or fitness?

Recent evidence has also confirmed that exercise therapy reduces central obesity, with or without weight loss.

A focus on ‘fitness’ rather than ‘fatness’ is an important message for both healthcare professionals and people with a number of health risk factors associated from central obesity.

Improving your fitness improves glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood, reduces stress on the heart and risks of stroke and improves psychological health. This is independent of any weight loss.

We work with you to establish a healthy lifestyle which reduces your overall disease risk.

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