Musculoskeletal Chronic Pain

An adequately functioning musculoskeletal system is a key factor for functional capacity, independence, and a good quality of life. More and more people are turning to exercise physiology for assistance with chronic pain over manipulation, soft-tissue injections, acupuncture or other options as it influences most structural components of the musculoskeletal system.

Correctly prescribed exercise has the potential to restore or improve function. It reduces pain, improves joint range and stability, strength and ultimately quality of life.

We can identify and then work together with you to prioritise the issues to be addressed. Synapse is a personalised service. We may start by strengthening weakened postural muscles, or work on flexibility. Key components in our programs are education of what you can do, including signs of pain and recognising the difference between good and bad pain.

We also work collaboratively with other health professionals to get the best results for you.

Contact us to see how Synapse can assist you.


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