Heart & Lung Conditions

Exercise is well known for its role in preventing and managing heart and lung conditions. Regular exercise prevents narrowing of the blood vessels, clotting and helps to maintain a natural heart rhythm. As your fitness improves, the load on your heart at rest and during activity is reduced, resulting in less fatigue that you feel each day.

We understand that heart conditions and effects of medications can be complex. Every consultation involves establishing your current capacity and wellbeing before prescribing specific exercises that are safe and provide the most benefit. At Synapse we work with you to reach and maintain your highest possible physical function and ensure that we view and treat your health holistically.

Respiratory conditions are very common and can affect more than just your breathing- even your confidence being out of the house. We understand the relationships between medication, nutrition and airway management when we develop activity. Staying healthy and avoiding the many bugs is so important. Our breathing exercises, activity and support to maintain a healthy lifestyle will help you to achieve this.

In  partnership with Lung Foundation Australia we run a Lungs In Action program at Kirra Community Centre every Monday 8.30 – 9.30am.
This is a specifically designed program to support those with chronic lung conditions and heart failure after rehabilitation.


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