Falls Prevention

At least one-third of community-living Australians aged 65 years and over fall every year. Falls are also the leading cause of injury-related death and hospitalisation in this population. High-quality studies show that exercise prevents falls in older people, by decreasing the key risk factors.

Paul, owner of Synapse, works with older adults and has been involved in research projects during his Masters University study in this field. He can make informed decisions about the best way forward after assessing your physical function on how to improve your balance and daily activities. He values communication with a range of health professionals, especially your GP about this process.

Commonly treatment to reduce falls focuses on:

  • improve muscular strength,
  • safely challenge balance,
  • work on balance confidence
  • improve walking gait
  • consideration of home environment
  • understand the interaction of medication and strategies to manage risks

In partnership with Meals on Meals on Wheels Tweed Social Support, we run balancing improvement classes each week with morning tea at The Cudgen Leagues Club.

Contact Synapse to further discuss falls prevention options.