Respiratory Conditions

“Graham” age 74 years

  • Other comorbidities
  • AMI- 2011
  • Angina
  • Osteoarthritis lumbar spine


Graham had been active throughout working life, involved in construction industry. Over past five years he found that his life was being defined by what he couldn’t do rather than what he could. For example, he could not paddle his kayak, walk along the beach without being too breathless and needing to sit, nor travel.


The first goal of this program was to improve fitness to help Graham get back into a routine of activity. This was done by setting specific work rest intervals that Graham could sustain without getting to a period of being unable to complete!

In conjunction with this initial program was breaking the habits of shallow breathing with specific exercises to allow better use out of each breathing cycle.

After the initial program gains, we shifted focus to consider improving Graham’s mobility and strength. Graham’s ability to do odd jobs around the house had increased and he was now able to go for walks and even dusted off the bike! A greater emphasis on balance and strength exercises for the major muscle groups was incorporated into the program to help continue these gains were enjoyed for years to come.


Objective Assessment Results


Initial Assessment 3 Months Follow-up 6 Months Follow-up

6 minute walk (m)

304 393


3 metre timed up and go (s)

6.64 5.86


Chair Stands (30s)

8 10


Arm Curls (30s)

10 12


Sit and Reach (cm)

-28 -18


Back Scratch (cm) -6 0



Significance of these Results

Graham is able to cover a greater distance within a set timeframe. This helps him to walk with family members, get around the shops without feeling frustrated and feel he is able to do activity once more. In addition, his perception of how hard this activity is has also dropped.

The results show that Graham can maintain his balance and change direction with greater ease. This is an important area as falls have a big impact on your health. Graham has also increased his strength which has helped him complete all the jobs around his house that were becoming too much for him to continue doing.

All of these factors have meant that Graham is happier: an improvement in quality of life!