Return to Work

Paul Cavendish, owner of Synapse has been in workplace health developing, monitoring and reviewing plans for both injury prevention and injury management since 2009.

We ensure that the treatment program contains clearly communicated and agreed goals that are appropriate for the workplace injury and functional status of the client. We work closely with the client, GP and workplace to ensure that the treatment is progressing at the best rate taking in all the considerations. By doing this, workers receive evidence-based treatment that sustains return to work and enhances self-management skills to reduce the likelihood of injury in the future.

Graded exercise treatment as part of a return to work program is appropriate for a number of workplace injuries and health conditions and produces objective benefits, specifically in restoring function and mobility, enabling key outcomes of increased sitting, standing and walking tolerances, applying strength in safe postures to increase pushing, pulling and lifting capacities. This translates to improvement in worker’s health, functional (activities of daily living) and return to work status.

Synapse takes referrals directly from injury case managers, GPs and worker’s compensation insurers. We are a registered provider with QLD and NSW worker’s compensation schemes and experienced working with motor vehicle accident insurance in QLD (MAIC) and NSW (SIRA).

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