Prevention and management

We prescribe exercise as prevention and treatment to chronic diseases as we believe this works and it is appropriate for nearly everyone.

As accredited exercise physiologists, we have completed university studies and board of review to be trusted to provide exercise to people with a range of conditions. We use not only our exercise prescription knowledge but also our understanding of the body to educate and assist our clients to make positive steps in their lifestyle behaviour.

Correctly prescribed exercise can improve:

– Functional capability and risk of degenerative diseases
– Prevent mechanical low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, osteoporosis and related fractures
– Age-related decline in energy metabolism and functional capacity

It can also contribute to the management of:

– Cardiovascular disease (blood pressure, angina, coronary heart and peripheral vascular disease)
– Type II diabetes
– Cholesterol and triglyceride levels
– Independence and quality of life

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